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The average person uses his or her feet the equivalent of four miles a day. Feet are subjected to many ailments especially when they are “overused & abused”. One quarter of our bones (26) are in our feet.

Pedicures were created to keep your feet healthy by keeping bones, muscles, joints & tendons flexible & healthy. As we age, regular pedicures help us to reduce problems, discomfort & tiredness.

Certified Podologists and CMP’s  are certified to work with diabetic feet, CVI, chronic dry skin, fungal infections and many other disorders that affect the feet. If you have diabetes, circulatory issues, or other concerns for your feet.

Socrates once said, “When our feet hurt, we hurt all over.”

Dawn works independently from any other technicians or pedicurists, so you will be receiving unparalleled continuity of care and education at each appointment.

“My gift to the world is my passion for healthy feet.  It is my mission to help people with their wellness while feeling & looking beautiful.  By taking care of one of the busiest parts of our bodies, we are ensuring health and wellness to the rest of our being.  Changing the world one”sole” at  a time!

 Dawn Durocher, C,Pod, CMP