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Wellness Pedi’s

Wellness/Podology Care Pedicure – $75

Consultation and total assessment of footwear, stance, gait feet, legs and nails along with medical history, problem areas identified, progress plan discussed and implemented. Management program begins upon first service and an at home follow through is recommended on feet and nails. Conditions that can be improved include: cracked skin, peeling skin, nail fungus, thick nails, callus build-up, corns, dry skin, skin fungus, athlete’s foot, foot odor and discolored nails. This is an excellent service for diabetics and cancer patients, and elderly patients.

Assessment without pedicure $60

Ingrown Toenail Correction B/S Brace- $35

This non-invasive method utilizes the unique BS Nail Bracing System from Germany. The procedure removes pain caused by an ingrown nail, and ensures proper future nail growth. Polish can be applied directly after, if desired. To ensure complete success of the nail brace, appointments must be made for this service 48 hours or more after a pedicure.

Intensive Foot & Heel Treatment $50
This pedicure is all you would expect plus extra care for those
hard callused heels.  Strong exfoliants, a cooling clay foot mask,
and a little extra time is the perfect combination for extra soft
and supple feet.

Sugar-Free Pedi $45.00

Diabetic feet get special attention from our Technicians who first give your feet a thorough examination. They are trained to look for fissures in the skin and to detect loss of sensation on the bottom of the feet. Nails are shortened. Exfoliation is light. Combined with essential lavender oils to rejuvenate and stimulate new cell growth, the finishing massage is easy and gentle.